Phebia has classical Cadian features including blonde hair and blue eyes. A little on the shorter side for her family, Phebia stands at just under 1.65m tall and has a frame that would best be described as lithe or athletic.

Thanks to the “genetic tampering” in her birth, Phebia’s features can sometimes appear “manufactured”, possibly leaning towards a little unnatural. Her skin is notably bereft of marks or blemishes and more than one individual has observed in the past how she looks more akin to a painting than an actual person. Despire this, while (rarely) in the garb of a noblewoman, Phebia would be seen to be possessing of a classical beauty.

Working as she has for the Imperial Guard and now for the Inquisition, Phebia no longer carries the trappings of nobility. Nowadays, she would more likely be seen in Cadian green fatigues or flak armour and she has been keeping her hair cut almost regulation short. She often has a dour demeanour and has been known to react aggressively first. That being said, she does possess intelligence and a cultured education meaning she can proport herself as required when it’s truly necessary.


Phebia Joss was born on the world of Clove in the Hazeroth Abyss of the Calixis Sector. A member of the noble house Joss’arryn, Phebia only took the family name Joss as an ancient tradition within her family required memebrs to distinguish themselves in some manner prior to inherriting the full family name.

Phebia comes from a family with a long military lineage. The Joss’arryn family originated on Cadia and its members were part of the military component of the Angevin Crusade in to the Calyx Expanse. Once the region was claimed by the Imperium and converted to the Calixis Sector, the members of Joss’arryn family with the crusade fleet settled in the sector. Military service continued to be a major part of the family line with Phebia’s father, Sidonis Joss’arryn reaching the rank of Colonel within the Imperial Guard.

Phebia’s birth was under somewhat unusual circumstances. Following the fall of the Cadian Gate during Abaddon’s 13th Black Crusade, the Ordos Famulous came to realise that a large number of key Imperial families had been wiped out on the planet. Many, like the Joss’arryn family, had bloodlines outside of Cadia, and maintaining these bloodlines became something of a priority for the Sisters Famulous.

Just over two decades ago, a member of the Order of the Sacred Coin named Sister Igraine came to Clove and arranged for a union that would mix appropriate bloodlines and ensure that the desirable characteristics of the Joss’arryn line were maintained. The eventual result of this union was Phebia herself. Igraine remained with the family for many years, providing the young woman with an education somewhere between a noblewoman’s and Schola Progenium education. Of course once she was of age, Phebia was expected to join the Imperial Guard.

After initial training, Phebia was assigned to the 23rd Drusus Dragoons as Private. The unit saw action on numerous occasions including supressing food riots on Malfi and wiping out a contingent of guard that had turned traitor and were fleeing for the Halo Stars. Phebia’s actions during these campaigns saw her promoted to Corporal and awarded the Eagle Ordinary.

Phebia’s true baptism by fire came when her unit was called in to battle a cult uprising on a Hive World. The cult, the name of which was not given to the Dragoons, turned out to be a Daemon worshiping cult, and once they came under fire they turned their foul sorceries on the Imperial Guard unit, unleashing the terrors of the Warp on the unsuspecting Dragoons.

Unprepared for such an enemy, losses were heavy at first, which included Phebia’s unit losing both their Lieutenant and Sergeant. Phebia, as the last remaining non-private had to take command of the unit, and amazingly, the remainder of the unit not only survived the battle, but went on to destroy an enemy stronghold, an action that was later regarded as a turning point in the campaign. Phebia’s actions while in command led to her receiving both the Triple Skull and the Winged Skull, though more importantly, it drew her to the attention of the Inquisition.


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